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Help your sales force be more productive and work better in mobility

Improve delivery efficiency and effectiveness

Get a direct communication channel with your points of sale

Get real time omni channel sales informations

Minimize Paperwork .. Improve the customer in-store experience

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Minimize Paperwork .. Maximize Your Store Vendors Productivity !

Choose a new telephone number
Scan ID Cards

Send the signed document
to the client via Email

Generating and sending the electronic document
for a digital signature on Digipos device

Auto-creation of a control report
On the Digipos back-end

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Sales Kit

Sales Kit is a Cloud app that allows your sales reps
to present their catalogs, take orders, check inventory
in real-time, generate quick reports, cross sell ad upsell
and have access to customers’ records and order history.
All this on-the-go or during trade shows.

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Doctor CRM

Agenda doctor that meets your need for organization
and visibility into your schedule and ergonomically
smart. Your assistant has the ability to view your
calendar from the back office. So you can assign an
appointment at your convenience. Need to call you to
check your calendar!

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The Tecnocasa Group is a network of real estate agencies
in franchises, and a financial intermediary system. Tecnocasa
provides intermediary real-estate services for the purchase,
sale or lease of residential properties or for companies and
businesses. Through its young experts, its full range of services
and unique working method, Tecnocasa was able to distinguish
itself and expand rapidly in Italy and worldwide.

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Form Builder

Form Builder is designed to create and fill in any kind
of forms. The app allows the user to save time and
paperwork, to reduce cost and to increase productivity.
This is done through a simple process as follows:
Just upload an existing form from your library or by
simply taking a picture of it and make the desired
changes (add a text box, a date or a signature box)
You can print the document from your device, send it
by email or send it to dropbox

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Organizer CRM

Organizer is an iPad Application to easily
manage your contacts, reports and todo lists.
It has numerous built-in options to make
contacts editing and filing easy. You can
export your contacts in CSV and vCard to
your computer. You can then edit them with
a software such as Excel or Numbers.

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The MoI Child Protection Centre (CPC) is operated
by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior,
with a mandate to protect children across the UAE.
The CPC’s remit spans a broad range of responsibilities,
including educating the public about and making
policy/legislation recommendations related to children
and transport safety, building safety, bullying, employment
exploitation, offender monitoring, the internet and more.

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About us

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Valomnia formerly Apptiv-IT, is a subsidiary of Proxym Group founded in 2006. With its different entities (Proxym-IT, Proxym France, Proxym ME) located in France, UK, the Middle East and Tunisia, the Group specializes in enterprise solutions, mobile applications, e-Commerce solutions, Medical ERPs, Social Networks and Content Management Systems. The Group relies on experienced, innovative and multi-lingual teams with a diversified technical expertise.

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Success Story : Juratoys

Download Case Study 6 Brands and 7800 products
More than 14 000 customers in 90 countries
35 Sales Reps in France and more than 10 in the U.S.